I am currently working at Google in the Kernel group. Previously I was a researcher and project manager of the OS group at DoCoMo USA Labs in San Jose, California. I got my Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from The University of Arizona, my adviser was Larry L. Peterson.

My CV (pdf, html) provides more detailed information.

Research Interests

My research interests include operating systems, energy management, handheld devices and networking. I am currently working on new OS techniques to increase isolation and the performance of software components in order to increase system reliability and performance. Before joining DoCoMo USA Labs I worked at Digital/Compaq/HP's WRL (Western Research Lab) where I was involved in the port of  Linux to Itsy, an advanced handheld developed at Digital's Western Research Lab, and where I created µSleep (micro-sleep) an energy management technique that reduced energy consumption on Itsy by up to 70%. In addition, I worked on user interfaces and device virtualization. Prior to joining Digital, I did research in the area of networking under the tutelage of Larry Peterson. In particular, I developed x-Sim, an accurate network simulator based on the x-kernel, which executes real network protocols in each virtual host. In addition, I worked on network congestion and developed a new congestion avoidance technique that I later incorporated into TCP Vegas.

Recently I created an updated version of TCP Vegas called TCP NV which is included in newer (>=4.8) versions of Linux.

Contact Information

Lawrence Brakmo
1 Hacket Way
Menlo Park, CA 94025

Office: (xxx) xxx-xxxx
Emal:   <first-name>